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Vintage gems mined to inspire

Artisan. Luxury. Really.

the styleminr concept comes from my love of vintage style and my life-long commitment to scouring the globe for vintage fashion pieces that speak to originality. These are gems that have been mined to inspire.

I am a fashion designer by training and by trade who has spent countless years designing runway collections in New York and Toronto and traveling the world for sources of inspiration. These are very personal pieces that have been curated with an seasoned eye for quality and dedicated standard of style and refinement.

From the souks of Marrakech to the "puces" of Paris, I have had the fortune to curate an elevated collection of uniqueness of fashion  from the past, with the styling of how it can be worn today. I am offering a collection of what has been cultivated as part of my life's work.

What's new? Look for our neo-vintage eoc-lux one of a kind called vir-go' alongside bespoke pieces this upcoming year. Sneak a peek at our lab and studio work  #comingsoon and our blog "studio stories".

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